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Papillonia Dog Training Academy

  • Papillonia Dog Training Academy 1127 Felton Road Red Lion, PA, 17356 United States (map)

Two Days, Two Subjects @ One Location

1127 Felton Road Red Lion, PA

Students have the option to attend one or two days
No refunds after July 6, 2017
Lunch will be served both days
Registration will be acknowledged by email
For hotel block information, contact Rebecca Elliott
Sunday is limited to 20 working teams and unlimited auditors
A working wait list will be maintained once the 20 working spots fill

For questions and concerns, contact Rebecca A. Elliott (Rae) at or 301-693-2432

Saturday, August 5 - Create a Powerful Mind for Peak Performance
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Practical strategies to implement immediately and create a difference in 5-10 minutes a day.

  • Goal setting for success

  • Identify problems as challenges/opportunities. There is no “failure”!

  • Power of visualization              

  • Mental management muscle, the more you train it the stronger it gets!

  • The myth behind ring nerves

  • Embracing ring nerves and using it to your advantage

  • Comfort zone – it’s called that for a reason!

  • Identifying and conquering negative self-talk

  • Habits: Harnessing their power

  • Strategies PROVEN to reduce stress

  • Responsibility is Empowering

  • Gratitude and Smiling

  • Breathe, breathe, breathe

  • Key words, mantras, affirmations

  • Small changes yield large results

  • Taking Control:  Internal vs. External

  • Demystifying “clutch”, “cool”, “unbeatable”

  • Clear criteria

  • Proper planning and preparation

  • Connection to anchor both you and your dog

  • Optimize your dog’s success: training & trial picture

  • Handler body awareness and how it impacts our dogs

  • The Power of Quiet

Sunday, August 6 - Getting the Same Dog in the ring as in Training
9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

We all know the feeling.  Our dog is brilliant in training, wonderful at a match. Warms-up beautifully and then, as soon as we enter the ring, we have a completely different dog! Learn Petra’s formula for overcoming this problem.


  • Clear Picture and criteria

  • Handler awareness & attention

  • Right the FIRST time

Effective Warm-up

  • Develop a routine

Engagement = Relationship

  • Connection = emotional anchor

  • Disconnect – 4 second rule at setup

  • Transitions

  • Dealing with Distractions

Handler must present same picture in training as in ring

  • Quiet & Physically the same

Managing Drive State

  • Too high/too low

  • In training

  • Outside the ring and in the ring

Applied to

  • Fronts & Finishes

  • Heeling

  • Setups

  • Transitions

  • Ring entrance

  • Engagement out & in the ring

In the Ring

  • Handler body

  • Handler voice

  • Handler same as in training

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