Our ten year-old yellow Labrador retriever, Zeke, developed a bacterial infection in his spine, which rendered his hind legs immobile. We rushed him to the animal hospital where he remained for nineteen days while he was being treated for the spinal infection, pneumonia, and a urinary track infection. We thought we were going to lose him. He was weak and could not stand or walk, so our canine neurologist highly recommended Aqua Dog for physical therapy and we started his sessions immediately.

Petra Ford and her staff at Aqua Dog worked diligently with Zeke over the next several months to strengthen his leg muscles through a variety of massage, stimulation, and stretching techniques including walking on the underwater treadmill. They would manually move his legs for him in the tank, and with the aid of flotation devises, a harness, and some of his favorite food treats, over time, he began to slowly walk again.  This was no easy task and the staff showed us many techniques to help Zeke exercise at home in between our Aqua Dog sessions.

Aqua Dog is completely committed to the health and well being of dogs. We watched countless canines with all kinds of physical issues come and go for physical therapy.  During the months that we were there, it was heartwarming to see the progress of so many dogs. The day that Zeke walked into Aqua Dog without any assistance was one of the most joyful days for us all.  Zeke just celebrated his 12th birthday with his usual ½ mile walk down our road and back.

We are deeply grateful…

Susan Stahly and Michael Koeneke