Dr. Kris,

Thank you for your incredible conditioning plan for Maggie. When Maggie first came to your care at Aqua Dog, she was an overweight 8 month old puppy who had a crooked back and needed more muscles to be considered a show prospect. I brought her to you with a dream to get her in shape to begin the sport of dog showing.

The weekly water treadmill sessions along with her individualized at home conditioning plan (diet, stretches, brisk walks, and sprints) enabled Maggie to look beautiful and be in shape as she is prepping to be shown in the ring. I appreciate all of the staff, Anita, Carol, Jen who also worked with Maggie with the balancing peanut and weekly water treadmill sessions. Maggie is a happy, healthy 10 month old puppy.

Thank you for your encouragement and God Bless you and Aqua Dog.
- Joanne