When my dog, Indy, was diagnosed with luxating patella on both hind knees at 10 months old, I asked around for recommendations for 2nd opinions. We were referred to Dr. Kris of Aqua Dog Rehabilitation. After examining Indy, she lay down the bare facts. Both knees were luxating, grade 2 and 3. The right leg had started to atrophy due to my boy favoring it. Since Indy is somewhat timid, Dr. Kris had him go into the underwater treadmill tank to get familiarize. After the surgery, we came back to Aqua Dog for Indy's rehab. Dr. Kris gave Indy cold laser treatments and had him in the underwater treadmill. We could see Indy getting stronger each week. After he had healed, we started Indy in agility. Indy is almost 5 years old now. Whenever there is anything wrong that is musculoskeletal, we come to Dr. Kris and Aqua Dog. We are so glad to have someone we can trust and would give us an honest opinion on what to do.

Cathy and Indy