Hi Petra

A year ago my mom brought me to you and thought maybe you could help put me back together. I had had cancer surgery and follow-up but Mom said we can do much better. So off I went to the water tank. I know I gave you all a hard time during my walks in the under water treadmill, but that's my style. My twin, Presto, is much better about these things and of course is the good twin and I play the part of the evil twin, but boy do I ever have fun.

At any rate, I want to thank you for putting me back together in such a way that the good muscle/nerves began to work and compensated for the injury that was giving me such fits and starts. Of course, Mom has my pretty yellow egg at home now for exercise and has learned how to do the stretches I need (of course not as good as you can do). We also have a couple of other pieces of equipment to help Mom with my training program.

So how has this all helped? Well, a year ago Mom retired me from all performance venues after I earned my ARCHEX. Can't really do herding or agility safely anymore. However, I did strike up a deal with Mom and suggested we start back in obedience (which is NOT my favorite venue) and Rally once again. We spoke to you and here we are one year later. I earned my ARCHMX (APDT Rally Master Champion) title a couple of weeks ago .... hey, just look at the size of that ribbon! To get this title I had to earn 10 triple Qs with a score of 195 or better for each Q. The first nine legs I earned were consecutive with all kinds of placements and perfect scores. When I went for the tenth leg, my bad leg cramped when I got to the jump and I NQed, something I don't take lightly. Mom was concerned, but I told her we've come this far let's go for that last leg. On 5/20/11 we did, and did so in style. I placed in every class, earned my veterans championship title (after all I may not look or act it but I AM 11.5 yrs old) and brought home that great big 4 foot ribbon to commemorate the achievement. We, Mom and I, couldn't have come so far so fast without my therapy and the supporting training we received to manage my progress at home.
I'm retired from Rally now, but Mom knows better than to try to retire me completely. Hence I've begun 'Nose Work' training and live it, and am still taking aim at a UD (which I don't love so much). Herding and agility days are in my past, but I'm happy to be working, am feeling (and I understand looking) great as well. Gotta love life continue to do what we love, team work, in venues in which I can succeed and thrive. I've earned many, many titles in my lifetime, but this one means the most: I won, I best the handicap!

Halo & Karen