Hi Petra,

On 12/9/13 my 6 yr. old pomeranian Frisco, a puppy mill survivor, underwent surgery to repair to severely herniated discs in his neck. Surgery was our only option, as he had gotten to the point where he could no longer stand or walk.

With an 85-95% success rate for the surgery, we went with it. Although I knew it would be a rough recovery I had no idea until after what state he would be in. He was basically paralyzed, from the neck down. He couldn’t hold his head up, let alone stand or walk. He didn’t have bladder control either, we needed to express his bladder for him. It was tough.

We knew rehabilitation was key to his recovery. One month after surgery he went to his first session at Aqua Dog. Petra and Robin were wonderful, accessing what his limitations were, and right away started working with him! This was the start of his miraculous recovery!

We saw Petra 2 times per week and also had homework! She is truly amazing at what she does, every session was built on the one prior, every visit we saw progress. From Frisco learning to turn his head, getting his legs to move, bearing weight, standing, and eventually walking.

In March 2014 Frisco did just that, he was walking!!! and never looked back…He NEVER would have recovered if it wasn’t for Petra and her staff at Aqua Dog. We are forever thankful for everything she has done for us. If your dog needs rehabilitation, this is the place to go!!


Great first day of pt for Frisco today!! Feeling very hopeful, he worked really hard today!!

Posted by Jennifer Cooper on Wednesday, December 11, 2013