My name is Emilie. I like cookies, all kinds of cookies. My Mom and Dad took me to visit my friend Narla whose Mom has wonderful cookies. Her Mom gave me some and they were so very good. When my Mom and Dad were getting ready to go home they put me in the truck. I saw the window open and decided to jump out to visit Narla's Mom for more cookies.

I didn't hurt too much at the time but later a friend of Mom's said she thought I wasn't walking right... I guess I didn't hide it very well. It was then my Mom noticed that my scores weren't as good as usual and she brought me to see Dr. Kris at Aqua Dog Rehab.

I had bilateral illipsoas strain and received cold laser treatment, massage, as well as underwater treadmill. This took almost six months with no jumping allowed, no trialing at all, just rest. My Mom liked the treadmill and still does but I don't like to get my feet wet.

Dr. Kris at Aqua Dog has helped me to be able to continue my sport of rally obedience and I have been able to finish APDT to obtain my ARCHMX title.

P.S. Dr. Kris gives good cookies.