On May 5, 2008 Callee was at a local groomer getting groomed so pictures could be taken when the spring flowers arrive. There was an accident at the groomers that damaged her spinal cord and left her with a great deal of paralysis’s in the lower back and back legs, especially the back left leg.

After a week at Red Bank Veterinary Hospital, Callee returned home to begin recuperation. A few weeks later, under the care of Dr. Kristine Conway at Aqua Dog Rehabilitation in Flanders, New Jersey, Callee began therapy treatments three times a week. These consisted of cold laser therapy, range of motion, electro stimulation and balance exercises.

By the end of the year Callee was running, more like a rabbit than a dog, and chasing the squirrels, rabbits and birds. Therapy is now down to one day a week with Callee work on gate and balance utilizing the underwater treadmill at Aqua Dog Rehabilitation.

Callee and I would like to thank Dr. Kristine Conway at Aqua Dog Rehabilitation for her dedication and expertise in the entire rehabilitation process.

- Don Moschner

Petra FordComment