Bounce and Spring

My Pomeranian, Bounce, has been a patient of Petra's at Aqua Dog since her patella surgery in November 2011. At the time of her injury, she had one obedience Utility leg & I was concerned her career would be over. Petra told me she would have her back in the ring in 6 months if I followed her advice & almost 6 months to the day she WAS back in the ring & earned her second leg!!! Since then, Bounce has seen Petra once a month religiously to keep her in top shape & and went on to earn her OTCH in December 2014!! Petra & Aqua Dog is a must for any competition dog to stay in condition, to find small problems before they become big ones  & to rehab from an injury or surgery. I feel confident that Petra keeps Bounce in the best condition she can be in...

My new Pom, Spring, came to me with some hind leg weakness. She has been seeing Petra for the past 8 months & the exercises she has given me has helped her tremendously!! You can never start too young!!

Deb Masino