Berta came into my life at the age of 9 months, and together we started the adventures of a lifetime. Training for the HGH (German Herding Utility Dog) with flocks of 250 or more sheep, I quickly learned what a TRUE working dog she was.

After titling 4 times in the HGH we started training in Schutzhund at the age of 6. Schutzhund is a sport that means “Protection Dog” and it involves tracking, obedience and protection. It tests a dog’s ability to work independently in tracking, in a controlled manor in obedience, and in all out force in protection – all while under control of the handler. Berta got her Schuthund 1 & 2 at the age of 7 but in training for the highest level 3, I noticed that she wasn’t jumping the meter jump (39 inch jump that all Schutzhund dogs must jump in obedience) as well as she used to. She was also a little grumpy.

At first I thought well she is 8 years old almost 9 – maybe she’s too old now. I took her for a thorough check up – and found that she had badly strained illiopsoas muscles. Off we went to Aqua Dog and after 3 months of laser, massage, and water treadmill therapy with Kris and Petra, Berta and I achieved her Schutzhund 3 at the age of 9 years – almost unheard of in the Schutzhund world! She has now received the Performance Award of Merit from the German Shepherd Dog Club of America (PAM) and is still out showing in AKC going for her CDX!

Thank You to Kris & Petra!

- Daphne Carey