I cannot say enough good things about Kris and Petra. I had been dealing with on and off lameness issues with my Belgian Malinois, Bacci, for months. I went to a number of veterinarians and orthopedic specialists. I had hips x-rayed and spent tons of money trying to find out what was wrong. A number of people thought Bacci had Pano, but something just didn’t seem right to me.

After meeting Petra at a dog training seminar, I jumped at the opportunity to have her look over Bacci. In less than TEN MINUTES she diagnosed the problem!! Bacci had strained his groin muscles on both sides and needed months to recover. Because he is my first working dog and I compete in French Ring, I was so worried that he would not return to 100%.

Petra was wonderful in explaining the recovery process to me, and it was so comforting knowing that she completely understood how difficult it was to take time off from training. I followed her directions exactly as she described, and sure enough, Bacci returned back to training stronger than ever! In May 2012, we completed our French Ring I title and are now working towards our French Ring II title. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Couldn’t have done it without you, Petra! 

- Erica Boling