THANK YOU and WOO WOO!!!! to the entire Aqua Dog professional staff!!!

Goose is a 6 year old Chesapeake Bay Retriever with hip dysplasia, but you would never know it! May 13 &14, 2017 she was double entered in Navisink's Double everything Spring Hunt Test and went four for four. She passed 2 Started tests, earning the final 2 legs and the Started Retriever (NAHRA) field title and earned the first 2 legs towards the Hunting Retriever title.


Then on September 16 & 17, 2017 at the Navisink Fall Hunt Test and Eastern Regional, Goose went 3 for 3. Passing at the Eastern Regional Started level and 2 more passes to earn the Hunting Retriever field title. That's two hunt test titles in four months!! We could have not accomplished this without the expert rehab/PT care provided at Aqua Dog, i'm sure. Goose feels great, looks great, has lots of energy and enthusiasm and loves her "work!"  Thank you for allowing her to continue to do the things she loves!!!

Elaine Sorrentino