King the Cat

King is a 2-year old Domestic Short Hair Feline that suffered a right hind tarsal injury after jumping out of the owners arms. There was significant instability to the tarsal joint due to ligamentous damage and surgery was not an option for the owners. King’s leg was placed in a splint for 3 weeks and he was confined.

King came to Aqua Dog Rehabilitation shortly after splint was removed. He was lame with mild external rotation of his foot and decreased flexion of his of his hock joint. The owners were given home exercises to strengthen the leg. King was seen 3 weeks later and was improving. King was placed in the underwater treadmill to work on weight bearing while taking the full weight stress off his hock joint. King was a champ! We encouraged walking and boogie board for weight shifting. Two weeks later King come back for more aquatic therapy and laser therapy to further strengthen his hock. Overall, King is progressing nicely! Cats are amazing in their ability to heal and adapt and overcome. The owners were encouraged to keep up with the home exercises long-term as ligamentous injuries take a long time to heal.