Hallie Is a 14-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi who has been extremely active and energetic her entire life. She was diagnosed slightly over a year ago with degenerative myelopathy, an irreversible, ultimately fatal neuromuscular disorder which is not uncommon in Corgis and certain other breeds. Since that time our goal has been to slow the progression of her nerve loss and to enable her to maintain a high quality of life for as long as possible. Following that diagnosis we have taken Hallie to Aquadog for regular therapeutic massages and laser treatments, to
complement the acupuncture treatments that she had been receiving for years for the intermittent back issues that are common in long-backed dogs. Although we had originally been told that the disease can worsen very suddenly and that she might only survive for six months, the deterioration of her condition has actually proceeded quite gradually thus far, and she still retains the partial use of her rear legs. More importantly, Aquadog has helped us maintain a high quality of life for her, suggesting various assistance devices and tips to complement her declining abilities. They identified a manufacturer of wheeled dog carts that are custom-made to match the dog's lifestyle and physical capabilities and helped us measure her so that she could be properly
fitted. She loves her cart--it gives her the freedom to walk, explore and even run occasionally on her own and it gives her the exercise that is a crucial part of her therapy. She is now much like she has always been: curious, alert, energetic and of course, hungry. It is obvious to all who see her that she has the feistiness of a much younger dog. It's very gratifying to see that we have been able to essentially prolong the lifestyle she is so accustomed to.