We were three-time Aqua Dog customers and highly recommend their services and their expert, compassionate personnel to any dog owner who will listen to us.

I’m not entirely sure how my Rich and I heard of Aqua Dog after Milo’s first surgery in 2007 for a complete ACL tear in his back left leg.  It wasn’t from our vet, who did the surgery.  But being dog people and DINKs with no college funds to worry about depleting- and because both of us had had knee surgeries, we understood how important post-operative therapy could be, even for a dog. 

And so began a long-term love affair between Milo and the Aqua Dog staff, and almost a co-dependent relationship between us and the staff.  Because as first time dog owners, we would do anything for Milo, but we often didn’t know what “anything” was. 

After Milo’s first surgery, we were told by our vet, Aqua Dog staff, and friends in the know to expect Milo’s other back leg to “go” within the year, given that dogs over-compensate on the good leg.  However, Milo did not need surgery on the back leg until more than three years later, which we absolutely credit to Aqua Dog’s aqua therapy, the exercises they showed us, and our own efforts at keeping our best friend mobile and healthy.

When we saw Milo having issues with the other back leg in 2010, we brought him back to Aqua Dog for more aqua therapy, hoping to stave off another surgery.  At 10 years old we were reluctant to have Milo undergo another surgery given that most of his dog “friends” did not live that long and we were concerned about our boy making it through another procedure.  Dr. Kris gently explained that Milo would probably be OK without surgery, but he would likely begin to slow down and, in essence, grow older than his years.  Without shaming us she did convince us, and Milo had his other leg surgically repaired in 2012.  Ironically, after his surgery our vet recommended Aqua Dog as an option for post-surgery rehabilitation therapy.

Fast forward to 215 when we brought Milo back for senior therapy.  We knew we were fighting the inevitable, but we wanted to do what we could to ensure quality of life and (hopefully not selfishly) quantity of life.  In these last months as Milo slowed down, we received incredibly helpful advice from Petra and every member of the Aqua Dog staff, up to and including the day we said goodbye.  They made recommendations on when to talk to our vet about getting Milo certain medications that could help his mobility and relieve his pain, and even pointed us to a chiropractor who we feel aided Milo greatly in his last weeks.

As Aqua Dog grew from Dr. Kris and Petra to include Robin, Anita, Carolyn and the growing number of veterinary residents and students, Milo was always welcomed with a “Hello handsome” or other cheery greetings.  I truly believe Milo enjoyed coming to Aqua Dog, he certainly preened and willingly strutted into the tank with no prodding.  And while he may not have loved his massages and laser treatments toward the end, he was certainly the better after having them, returning to the happy dog he was for nearly 14 years.

It is incredibly evident that every member of the Aqua Dog staff is an enormous dog lover and works tirelessly to help improve the well being of every dog that passes through its doors, educating the owners so they do right by their dogs as well.  They certainly made us better owners and while we miss our Milo immensely, we know we did what we could and all that we could.  Thank you.

Rich & Mary Alice Schiller