Our six year old Curly Coated Retriever, Tara was diagnosed with right shoulder and hip lameness.  

Before the lameness occurred Tara was very active in Lure Coursing, Field training and Competition Obedience.  We noticed a decline in Tara's drive physically and a lack in her enthusiasm which affected her over all performance.  When the lameness presented it's self we took Tara to Aqua Dog for an evaluation by Dr. Kris.

Dr. Kris customized a rehabilitation program for Tara consisting of core strengthening, therapeutic exercise, aquatic therapy and home that included walks and disk work.
Initially the progress was slow, Tara is doing very well and we are looking forward to doing obedience again.

A special Thank You to Dr. Kris and her "Dream Team" at Acqua Dog for taking such good care of our Tara.  

Marilyn & Michael Traurig