Pierce was pulled off death row at a high kill shelter in Georgia a year and a half ago by Kodi's Club Rottweiler Rescue. He was given basic veterinary care and then endured two months of heartworm treatment as he was positive for heartworms. We adopted him from Kodi's Club and immediately noticed a slight limp on his right front leg and a misshapen left rear hock. He loved to run and chase balls in the yard and play with his sister- another Kodi's Clubber from Georgia. Last spring we noticed the limp getting worse and he was favoring his left rear leg- sometimes not even putting weight on it. We took him for X-Rays and a consultation with Dr. David Puerto at CARES in Langhorn PA. We learned he has elbow dysplasia in both front legs, osteochondrosis dissicans in the left rear hock, and arthritis. As Dr. Kris pointed out "He is a hot mess". The good news is that his hips are good. Surgery was recommended.

But we wanted to explore other options before putting him through surgery with an unsure outcome. We switched him to a grain free diet, added fish oil to his meals and started him on glucosamine and chondroitin supplements. We also started a diet regimen. My friend Debra Culleny Batte suggested I bring him to Aquadog Rehabilitation for a second opinion and a different strategy. Her rottie did beautifully at Aquadog.

What an amazing transformation! Pierce has lost 10 pounds! He loves his PT sessions and doing his exercises at home! We had no idea his core was so weak, he kept his rear legs underneath his body because he couldn't stretch them out. He had no waistline either. He is now walking smoothly without a limp for two 20 minute walks a day. He is not taking pain meds at all. He is no longer allowed to run around the back yard with his sister but we think that's a small price to pay for a happy boy! And no surgery!! He is still getting stronger and improving week to week.

We are so grateful to the whole staff at Aqua Dog for their dedication and patience in working with Pierce (he can be a bit of a stubborn male rottie). His treatment plan has made a huge difference in his quality of life- he went from looking like a little piggy to looking like a stud muffin! He is very happy and proud of himself! And we couldn't be happier that we found Aquadog Rehabilitation.

Linda and Matt Lemons