Bailey was rescued when he was approximately three years old.  When his current owners arrived at the shelter, Bailey pulled away from the volunteer, ran into the waiting room and jumped on his new mom’s lap.  He picked his own rescuers!!  Bailey is now approximately 11 years old.  Several months ago he was diagnosed with a Cranial Cruciate Ligament (“CCL”) rupture. Several veterinarians said that Bailey was not a candidate for surgical repair.  At the time Bailey was not putting weight on the leg, required assistance to walk, fell frequently and needed help getting into and out of the car.  Bailey’s owners were looking into buying a harness for Bailey to help him walk.  Eventually a vet recommended physical therapy. Bailey started therapy including cold laser, aqua therapy, therapeutic exercises and a home exercise program.  Bailey is now pain free, full weight bearing on the injured leg, walking unassisted, jumps in and out of the car and has regained his quality of life. 

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