Thank you for all you did for Knaeda. While we all knew her to be the unsocial rottweiler that she was, Aquadog was her place to be! After her two ACL surgeries, we found Aquadog and while she did things on her terms, “

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Riley Simpson is an 8 year old female Rottweiler who had a sudden onset of paralysis of her rear legs with no deep pain.

Riley was rushed into surgery to alleviate the pressure on her spinal cord. Unfortunately, Riley did not regain her deep pain sensation and would be permanently paralyzed. The Simpsons sought out the help of Aqua Dog Rehabilitation.

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Thank you so much to Petra Ford and Aqua Dog Rehab for her continued support through my dog's 2 TPLO surgeries. Despite Terra's physical challenges, what Petra has taught me has allowed us to do what we love best, which is compete in canine musical freestyle! Terra is the first dog to earn a Premier Title from MDSA, and also the first dog to earn a Grand Champion Title from RFE. Thanks again Petra, and enjoy the Car Wash!!

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King the Cat

King is a 2-year old Domestic Short Hair Feline that suffered a right hind tarsal injury after jumping out of the owners arms. There was significant instability to the tarsal joint due to ligamentous damage and surgery was not an option for the owners. King’s leg was placed in a splint for 3 weeks and he was confined.

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Bella tore her Cranial Cruciate Ligament (“CCL”) running around her yard.  She was practically on three legs when she first started with Aqua Dog and a bit overweight. Angelo was interested in conservative management rather than surgery.

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Our six year old Curly Coated Retriever, Tara was diagnosed with right shoulder and hip lameness.  

Before the lameness occurred Tara was very active in Lure Coursing, Field training and Competition Obedience.  We noticed a decline in Tara's drive physically and a lack in her enthusiasm which affected her over all performance.  When the lameness presented it's self we took Tara to Aqua Dog for an evaluation by Dr. Kris.

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Pierce was pulled off death row at a high kill shelter in Georgia a year and a half ago by Kodi's Club Rottweiler Rescue. He was given basic veterinary care and then endured two months of heartworm treatment as he was positive for heartworms. We adopted him from Kodi's Club and immediately noticed a slight limp on his right front leg and a misshapen left rear hock. He loved to run and chase balls in the yard and play with his sister- another Kodi's Clubber from Georgia. Last spring we noticed the limp getting worse and he was favoring his left rear leg- sometimes not even putting weight on it. We took him for X-Rays and a consultation with Dr. David Puerto at CARES in Langhorn PA. We learned he has elbow dysplasia in both front legs, osteochondrosis dissicans in the left rear hock, and arthritis. As Dr. Kris pointed out "He is a hot mess". The good news is that his hips are good. Surgery was recommended.

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Several months ago he was diagnosed with a Cranial Cruciate Ligament (“CCL”) rupture. Several veterinarians said that Bailey was not a candidate for surgical repair.  At the time Bailey was not putting weight on the leg, required assistance to walk, fell frequently and needed help getting into and out of the car.  Bailey’s owners were looking into buying a harness for Bailey to help him walk.  Eventually a vet recommended physical therapy.

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Hallie Is a 14-year-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi who has been extremely active and energetic her entire life. She was diagnosed slightly over a year ago with degenerative myelopathy, an irreversible, ultimately fatal neuromuscular disorder which is not uncommon in Corgis and certain other breeds. Since that time our goal has been to slow the progression of her nerve loss and to enable her to maintain a high quality of life for as long as possible.

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