Jaggers Journey After Being Hit by a Car.


Jagger is a lovely three year old Golden Retriever/Irish Setter mix who was hit by a car in the fall of 2016. Jagger had significant road rash, a shattered right elbow and significant nerve damage to his left front leg. Jagger started rehabilitation with us two weeks after surgery. When Jagger first came to Aqua Dog he was unable to bear weight through either front leg. He had external hardware stabilizing his right elbow. Jagger's parents were highly motivated and dedicated to his full recovery.  During his rehabilitation Jagger had a number of setbacks including slow healing wounds and two additional surgeries to remove hardware. We are thrilled to report that Jagger is now walking independently using both front legs. He is HAPPY and has terrific quality of life.  Jagger continues to improve every day. 

Watch Jaggers Journey!