Bella's Story with Conservative Management of Torn Cranial Cruciate Ligament

Bella Curra is a 12-year old Cocker Spaniel. Her dad, Angelo, drove to her breeder in New York the day after Thanksgiving to pick her up and no one was home! He waited an hour and it was well worth it…the breeder returned and Bella went to her new home.

Bella tore her Cranial Cruciate Ligament (“CCL”) running around her yard. She was practically on three legs when she first started with Aqua Dog and a bit overweight. Angelo was interested in conservative management rather than surgery. He was so incredibly worried about Bella hurting herself even more that he boarded her with Anita (an Aqua Dog staff member) for the first two weeks of her rehabilitation.  Bella is now full weight bearing on her hind leg and she has lost 6 pounds!  Angelo bought her a brace, but she hasn’t needed it.  Angelo says, “Bella is doing incredible!  I love it at Aqua Dog, everyone there is trustworthy.” 

Bella is a very social dog and loves all and any treats J