American Kennel Club Obedience Tournament known as the “Classic”

Each year the American Kennel Club holds an Obedience Tournament known as the “Classic”.  The event is sponsored by Eukanuba and held in Orlando, Florida.  Participants must qualify to be invited by meeting certain criteria.  Only the top teams in the country are invited and it is an honor to compete with so many talented teams. The dogs have to compete three times on Saturday and four times on Sunday.  The winner is the team with the highest cumulative score over the two days.  This was Zeal’s first tournament and I was proud of how he handled the challenging, high-tension environment. 

We both made some mistakes although mine cost us a chance at a placement. He was so high on the first day that I was completely flustered and made some serious handler errors. Sorry little buddy! The second day I was better handler and we were a better team. In terms of placement this weekend was not what I had hoped for. But, more importantly, my nervous little Zeal was confident, wild and happy all weekend. I’m so proud of how far he has come this year. I’m excited to set new training and mental management goals. A book I recently read stated that if you aren’t struggling and/or failing then your goals are not challenging enough. I love a good challenge!!

This was Zeal's last class of the weekend. He had energy to spare!!!!