Your Dog is an Elite Athlete

I used to think that throwing a ball, letting my dogs run off leash in the woods and training my dogs was “exercise”.   In actuality, these activities cause wear and tear on dogs’ muscles, tendons and joints. With performance clients my goal is to instill one concept:  our dogs are elite athletes. This simple shift in mindset helps us understand the importance of a conditioning program. Athletes are mindfully conditioned, they warm-up, cool down, stretch, and cross train. Every athlete, regardless of their sport, requires strong core muscles. A personalized conditioning program improves performance and minimizes the risk of injury.


The National Obedience Championship was held March 25 and 26 in Perry, Georgia.  The top obedience dogs in the country must qualify to receive an invitation to compete in this prestigious event.  It is a grueling competition.  Saturday starts with 140 dogs.  Each dog competes in 8 rings.  The top 50 teams move on to the second round on Sunday morning.  The dogs again compete in 8 rings.  Only the top 20 teams move on to the final rounds.  In the final round, each dog competes in four rings with two judges.  This round determines the final four teams.

Canine Massage at Aqua Dog!

Treat your dog to a relaxing full-body massage with aromatherapy in a tranquil setting.  Services by Anita and Carolyn, our certified canine masseuses.

Price:  $80.00
To make an appointment:
Call:  973-927-0030

Anita and Carolyn are passionate about dogs and improving their quality of life.  They have a number of years gaining hands on experience at Aqua Dog and are certified in Canine Massage from the Brandenburg Massage Therapy School.

Bella's Story with Conservative Management of Torn Cranial Cruciate Ligament

Bella tore her Cranial Cruciate Ligament (“CCL”) running around her yard. She was practically on three legs when she first started with Aqua Dog and a bit overweight. Angelo was interested in conservative management rather than surgery.

American Kennel Club Obedience Tournament known as the “Classic”

Each year the American Kennel Club holds an Obedience Tournament known as the “Classic”.  The event is sponsored by Eukanuba and held in Orlando, Florida.  Participants must qualify to be invited by meeting certain criteria.  Only the top teams in the country are invited and it is an honor to compete with so many talented teams.

Big Dog Rescue Project!

We are accepting donations for the holidays!!

This holiday season we are giving back by collecting donations for Big Dog Rescue (they rescue little dogs too!) Please help support the wonderful organization dedicated to pulling dogs from high kill shelters and finding them loving forever homes. Click to find out what items we are collecting.

Seniors: Getting your senior back on their paws.

Senior patients require special rehabilitation considerations as they have a high incidence of underlying chronic conditions that lead to progressive loss of mobility.  At Aqua Dog, treatment of our senior patients can be very rewarding as a patient regains function and there is a noticeable improvement in our patient’s quality of life.

Petra & Zeal AKC Utility Title Run

Zeal and I traveled to York, Pennsylvania for a two-day trial hoping to finish his Utility Dog (UD) title. Even though he had not yet completed his UD, I entered him in both the Open and Utility classes. My goal for the Utility class was a happy, confident dog. Zeal far exceeded my expectations!!  He had a great attitude in the ring and handled the trial like a seasoned veteran. 

Petra & Tyler — 2008 & 2009 National Obedience Champion

The National Obedience Invitational was held in Long Beach, California. It is a grueling competition challenging the competitors' mental and physical endurance. The first day of competition each dog and handler team goes in the ring six times to perform a combination of utility and open exercises. In addition, each dog does one set of stays (3-minute out of sight sit stay and 5-minute out of sight down stay). Only the top 32 dogs progress to the second day of competition! On the second day, each round is a head to head elimination round! Two teams compete against each other by performing a combination of utility and open exercises … one team moves on, the other team does not. Needless to say, there is no room for error!