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Puppy Power DVD

Give Your Puppy a Paw Up on the Competition

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Petra Ford PT, CCRT and Kristine Conway DVM, CCRT
Aqua Dog Rehabilitation LLC

Puppy Power! is the first step on the road to success with a new puppy in your chosen canine sport(s). Be proactive with your young dog's fitness program and decrease the likelihood of injuries while giving your puppy a head start on the competition. Puppy Power! exercises will improve your puppy's balance, spacial awareness and core strength—without undue stress on a growing puppy's ligaments, tendons and joints. Performing these activities will boost your puppy's self confidence. With this DVD you can develop a goal-oriented program tailored for your puppy's unique needs.

This DVD demonstrates 15 basic, 17 intermediate, 11 advanced exercises and includes instruction in the use of the latest training equipment. Work with your puppy from the time you bring him home. 5- or 10-minute sessions three or four times a week will start your puppy on the road to a lifetime of healthy fun!

Laser therapy is fast becoming known for its amazing healing properties. It is non-invasive and has no side effects! It greatly accelerates wound healing (such as incisions, pressure sores, etc.) and has even been known to accelerate bone healing. As part of a multi-modal treatment approach for arthritis it can help control pain and improve mobility and quality of life in arthritic dogs. It decreases inflammation and swelling and speeds up recovery post surgery. Rehabilitation of muscular strains (such as the iliopsoas muscle, low back muscles, muscles of the front limb) is greatly enhanced with the use of laser therapy.
What are you waiting for?? Contact us to see if your dog can benefit from laser treatments

canine rehabilitationAqua Dog Rehabilitation is dedicated to maximizing your dog's quality of life.

Whether your canine companion has come up lame, is recovering from a recent surgery, or has been diagnosed with a neurological disorder—we all want the same thing—for your best friend to reach their highest level of function as quickly as possible.

Featuring TWO Hudson Aquatics: Aquapaws under-water treadmills and a 15.5 foot pool.
Call 973-927-0030 to make an appointment for your best friend.

We also feature the following modalities: cold laser, ultrasound, electrical stimulation, therapeutic exercise, therapeutic massage, heat therapy and cryotherapy.

Consider calling us for an Evaluation to:

Ensure that your canine athlete recovers quickly and fully from a recent injury and returns to competition in record time without sacrificing soundness.
  Prevent injuries and maintain optimum fitness.
Has your best friend recently undergone surgery? Facilitate his/her recovery.
  Keep your Senior partner active and pain free.
  Get your Overweight pal slim and trim.
For that competitive edge—keep your canine athlete performing at his/her peak.
  Puppy evaluations, consultations and education.


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Our Puppy Power DVD is available now!
Puppy Power
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